Three Reasons You Need "Technology Concierge" for Your Business

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by Jody Timmons
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At Natix, we offer over 800,000 products at competitive prices. However, that's not what sets us apart. Our defining characteristic is our commitment to serving our customers and clients. You might say that our dedication to our customers is similar to that of a concierge. At Natix, we think of ourselves as your "Technology Concierge". When it comes to our customers' technology and workplace needs, there's nothing that we cannot do.That said, here are the three biggest reasons why you need a Technology Concierge for your business.

1. You Need Help with Technology for Your Business but Don't Know Where to Start

We are often asked, “What exactly does Natix do?” The simple answer is that we sell technology, IT solutions, iPads and a complete line of Apple products, and anything a company might need to run a workplace. We have excellent relationships with our suppliers and compete with billion-dollar tech resellers and retailers in terms of price and product offerings. What sets us apart is our ability to listen to what our customers need and then deliver one simple solution to meet their needs. Our solutions ecosystem includes: consultations and complete guidance through the purchasing process, world-class support, as well as marketing and design services, to help our customers run their businesses at the highest level. No matter what a customer needs, we find a way. That's the definition of a Technology Concierge.

2. You're Tired of Working with Boring, Bureaucratic Vendors

Natix is a young, dynamic, and growing company – our founder and CEO, Jody Timmons is under 35 and the company has made the Inc. 5000 list three consecutive years. We know that time is actually more important than money, as you can't get back lost time. With just eight full-time employees at the time of this writing, we outcompete much larger technology and workplace solutions providers by streamlining the procurement process for our customers.

Here's how we do that:
1. We use Zoho One – a suite of integrated apps which allows us to run a paperless office and to move at the speed of the web.
2. We empower our sales associates to give customers the pricing and product availability information they need. Our sales reps go the extra mile and practice a “whatever-it-takes” attitude in working with clients and customers
3. We are passionately dedicated to simplifying the purchasing process by way of constant audits and innovation, focusing on responsiveness and saving our customers time and money

3. You Want to Implement the Latest of What Technology Has to Offer

Whether it’s digitally transforming your business, to setting up a new office, or simply wanting to compare current software and hardware offerings with what you're currently using – we've got you. One of our favorite parts of assisting our customers is sharing our expertise on the newest technology and IT solutions on the market. We love to talk tech! Lastly, as a business with a focus on sustainability – we run a paperless office and use biodegradable and sustainable products ourselves – we pride ourselves with regards to helping clients make their own businesses more sustainable. We have an abundance of cloud-based and digital solutions for companies interested in going paperless and offer a wide array of products that are biodegradable, refurbished, and or from recycled materials. Additionally, we provide sustainability audits for businesses interested in learning how they can become more environmentally sustainable.

Give us a call today at 916-270-2885 and find out what Natix can do for your business!

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